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Bukhara Crafts Development Centre

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:34

DescriptionIn June 6, 1996, a decision about establishing the Bukhara Artisan Development Center was accepted at the meeting of Bukhara craftsmen. The Center received help from the Government of Bukhara, the association of artisans “Everlasting heritage”, Aid to Artisans, Mercy Corps International, the United Nations Development Programs, UNESCO and the United States Peace Corps. The main goal of the Bukhara Artisan Development Center is to revive and develop ancient handcrafts. Activities of the Center: * conduct seminars, training and conferences * organize exhibitions and fairs * create craft schools * publish materials about crafts * provide craft information

Street Address100 Nakshbandi St



Name of InstitutionBukhara Crafts Development Centre




Type of ActivitySupport Institution


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