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Ateliers Maam Samba

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:32

DescriptionMaam Samba, a seventeen year old company founded by Babacar Mbow is situated in the arid landscape of the Baol region 75 miles outside of Dakar. The community business employs 365 people and is focused primarily on creating clothing and home décor from ancient African weaving and dyeing techniques married with contemporary tailoring. Weaving, dyeing and tailoring shops occupy a compound that has expanded to include small workshops in ceramics, leather, calabash craft, metal, crochet, and embroidery. Weaving, dyeing and tailoring, however, are the backbone of Maam Samba vision.(PRODUCTS - Fashion accessories, clothing, home décor, toys, table top, musical instruments, woodcarvings, and crochet)

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Name of InstitutionAteliers Maam Samba

Phone(221) 973 3040


Fax(221) 973 3041

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