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Kwanza Collection Company Ltd.

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:31

Description1.1 BACKGROUND: Kwanza Collection company Limited (formally known as Travellers Choice Trading Company Ltd) was incorporated in November 1999. The company started operations in May 2001. The company is limited by shares under company ordinance cap. 212. 1.2 The Mission: The mission of Kwanza Collection is to contribute positively towards poverty alleviation in Tanzania by increasing the volume and value of local sales/exports from target producers in the handcrafts and foods sectors by promoting the ethical practice so as to enable producers meet their basic needs - shelter, education and health care.. The work of Kwanza Collection will result in higher incomes to producers in Tanzania as well as employment creation. 1.3. The Purpose: The purpose of Kwanza Collection is to link SME's on a profitable and sustainable basis, to local, regional and export markets thus stimulating sustainable social and economic development in Tanzania. 1.3 The Objective of Kwanza Collection Company Limited: -To market and sell Tanzanian small-scale handicrafts and food products through the development of a professional and well maintained show room; -To provide link to export market by selling through existing ATO network and commercial organizations; and -To promote through sales fairer local, regional and international trade and linking the target producers with buyers, and empowering them to participate in the trade effectively will achieve this. 1.5.Partnership: Kwanza Collection Co. Ltd will work in partnership with all Tanzania handcrafts producers, organizations, cooperative, companies, NGOs, Government Institutions, Alternative Trade Organizations (ATOs), International Fair Trade - IFAT who promote fair trade and ethical business between producers in Tanzania and buyers in the North. 1.6 Services of Kwanza Collection Company Ltd a) Seeking markets for handicafts and processed food producer groups, especially those from rural areas; b) Educating the public about these producers and their products; c) Promoting self-reliance for crafts people by providing income generating opportunities; d) Organizing regular handicraft sales/fairs/exhibition; e) Organizing regular buyer's visit to Tanzania who wishes to buy SME's products; and f) Consolidation of products from various producers in Tanzania for container shipment. 1.7 Products offered by Kwanza Collection : Products offered by Kwanza Collection are: FOODS: Solar dried mango, pineapple, Banana, Mushrooms, paprika, Hibiscus, Zanzibar Spices and Honey. HANDICRAFTS: Baskets, Textiles and Garments, wall hangings, Salad sets and wooden bowls, Christmas decoration items, African Dolls, Mirrors and photo frames, Traditional Musical Instruments, earrings and necklaces, Home Furnishing, Ceramic products, Cushion covers, Candleholders, wood carvings and Gift Items.

Street AddressSIDO Small Business House, 1st Floor, Bibi Titi Mohamed Rd.

CityDar Es Salaam


Name of InstitutionKwanza Collection Company Ltd.

Phone+255-22- 2150232 / 2150088


Fax+255-22-2150100 / 2153531

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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