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Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:31

DescriptionMurals, contemporary terracotta. Kumbham: an initiative with a two-fold concern. On the one hand, the search for the lost cultural roots of people, who have been systematically stripped off their innate sensibilities through a process of formal education while on the other hand, simultaneously engaging a community of potters in a continuing experiment to give the traditional pottery to the new and varied needs of an urban market, grown from within their traditional repositories of knowledge. Located in Aruvacode, a tiny hamlet near Nilambur in Malapuram District of Kerala, India, Kumbham has attracted some 80 odd potters to affiliate with it to varying degrees, since its beginnings in 1993. In a long and arduous voyage of discovery commencing then, the community as a whole has witnessed a dramatic turn-around: from being on the verge of dissolution as an impoverished artisan community to a resurgent group of potters whose craft was once again wanted.The kumbham iniative is being hailed as a rare instance of a traditional artisan community rehabilitating itself through the very craft they had been alienated from. Our products are available in all major cities in south India and Delhi. Kindly contact the shops directly for products and contact us directly for murals and projects.We have shops in Banglore, Chennai, Mysore, Manglore, Hydrabad, Delhi, Pune, Kothagiri, Calicut. Thrissur, Kalpatta, Ernakulam, Trivandrum.

Street AddressAruvacode Nilambur 679 329



Name of InstitutionKumbham

Phone(91 4931) 221544


Fax(91 4931) 220770

Type of ActivityArtisan / Artisan Group

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