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Desert Embroidery

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:23

DescriptionThe Association for the Improvement of Women's Status: Lakia is an income-generation and social empowerment project that employs Bedouin women, while also providing literacy and human rights education. Desert Embroidery is one of four programs run by Lakia. The organization also provides a kindergarten for children of working women; literacy and writing programs for adult women; and a leadership development project for women in the community. Desert Embroidery now employs 160 women, with plans to include many more who are waiting and able to work as soon as there is an increased demand for their products. Women who participate in Desert Embroidery also attend lectures on topics such as women's and family health, civil and political rights, and basic banking and savings skills. Weekly visits to the Lakia community center function as a time to drop off completed projects and pick up new materials, as well as a time to have informal social meetings. Their time together at the community center is a space where women can support each other as they cope with the daily obstacles of modern life.

Street AddressBedouin Embroidery, Hand-Made



Name of InstitutionDesert Embroidery

Phone(972 7) 6517649


Fax(972 7) 6512054

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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