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Yemen Handicraft (Project of the Small Micro Enterprise Promotion Service)

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:21

DescriptionYemeni handicrafts are exquisitely handmade from local materials, refined with skill and creativity into unique products. Most of them are still undiscovered outside of Yemen. In 2004 the Social Fund for Development Yemen launched a program to identify and promote unique products which are produced by small and micro businesses and social organisations with the goal to expand the country’s domestic and international trade. The program also aims to give advice to the producers how to improve their businesses, e.g. in the fields of production methods, quality control, marketing and product design to make Yemeni products more attractive to export markets. So far a number of product groups have been classified for promotion: baskets & natural fibre items, textiles & dresses, silver jewellery & metal work, pottery, gifts & decorative items, window decorations, incense & myrrh, recycled crafts, furniture & interiors, natural cosmetics & medicine and Mocha coffee.

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