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Handicraft Centre (Cameroun)

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:21

DescriptionThe Handicraft Center promotes the traditional arts and culture of Dschang and its surrounding communities. The Center was founded in 2000 by Fonwouo, a talented and articulate basket maker, artist, and teacher. The center has been moved to Bahouan. Although currently consisting of a small shop, Fonwouo hopes that the center will grow. He also hopes that basketmakers and people interested in the crafts of Western Cameroon will contact him, as he is quite isolated from the rest of the world and is very interested in exchanging ideas and selling Cameroonian arts and crafts. Fonwouo is also willing to travel and teach basketmaking to anyone who will sponsor him. Besides English and French, he also speaks Bahouan, his native language, and 8 other Cameroonian languages.

Street Address



Name of InstitutionHandicraft Centre (Cameroun)

Phone(237) 526-2812



Type of ActivityTrader / Trade Intermediary

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