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Kuru Family

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:16

DescriptionThe Kuru Family of Organisations (KFO) presently works in over 40 San communities in three districts in Western Botswana. This represents about 20,000 San people or 40% of the San in Botswana. These people come from the following San language groups; Naro, Bugakhwe, Anikhwe, Juoansi, Gwi, Gana and !Xo. Projects also include people sharing the same geographical areas with the San which include Mbandero, Hambukushu and Wayei, all of them minority groups. Within South Africa, the KFO operates within three San communities in the Kimberley and Upington areas in the Northern Cape. This represents about 7,000 people or 70% of the identified San in South Africa. These people come from the San Language groups of the !Xun, Khwe and Khomani.

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Name of InstitutionKuru Family

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