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Afghan Women’s Carpet and Cattle Keeper Network (AWCN)

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:15

DescriptionCarpets, handicrafts, tailoring. The Afghan Women Carpets and Cattle Keeper Network (AWCN) is an artisan collective that produces handmade jewelry and weaves traditional Afghan carpets. AWCN now works with over forty artisans, and offers classes in women's and children's rights, health awareness, ending violence against women, and business skills. The organization allows both men and women a place to earn a living to support their families, and in turn, better their lives.

Street AddressDistrict 6, Charqala Chardehe



Name of InstitutionAfghan Women’s Carpet and Cattle Keeper Network (AWCN)

Phone(93 7) 99 29 42 83



Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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