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Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:14

DescriptionSince 1973 the cooperative society ARTAMET has dedicated its activity to the artistic manufacture of the metals, particulary of wrought iron. turning to good account the tradition they have been creating handicraft pieces with ornamental motives from Romanian folklore art, as well as from the medieval art of the handicraft work shop inspired pieces. the large varietu of the wrought-iron articles may be made of genuine metal, laquered or by modern methods dyed iron using normal or textured dyes. It might ass well joined glass, wood employees, crftsman which a hight-skills and famous in the area of Prahova Valey.

Street AddressStr. Gloriei, nr. 2 bis

CityBoldesti Scaieni


Name of InstitutionARTA METALULUI SCM

Phone(40 244) 211 164


Fax(40 244) 311 790

Type of ActivityArtisan / Artisan Group

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