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Armenian Craftsmen Union

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:13

DescriptionThe Armenian Craftsmen Union is a non-governmental organization that pursues the following goals and objectives: To support the development of crafts in Armenia;- To undertake efforts in popularizing the work of Armenian craftsmen internationally and establishing business contacts with similar organizations outside Armenia; - To work to relieve the tax legislation of Armenia related to activities in crafts; - To maximally protect the rights and the interests of the craftsmen; - To organize the participation of craftsmen in exhibitions, fairs, contests in Armenia, within the CIS reign and internationally; - To create opportunities for the craftsmen to be trained abroad sharing in the experiences of other countries’ tradition in crafts.

Street Address29/11, Sayat Nova str.



Name of InstitutionArmenian Craftsmen Union

Phone(374 10) 52 0539


Fax(374 10) 52 0539; 58 6677, (37

Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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