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Sherigu Atie-Taaba Women’s Association

Date : 2010-02-15 02:12:11

Description"The Sherigu Atie-Taaba Women’s Association is located in Sherigu, just outside of Bolga. Atie-taaba means to push each other up. Over 70 women gather daily, except during farming season, to sing, to learn and teach, to make baskets. Abubakari Akologo has provided this special place for the women. Abu’s mother was a basketmaker. At age 10, he collected the straw that would be used to make her baskets. In 1991, Abu rented a stall at the Art Centre in Accra, a destination of most tourists visiting Ghana - a day’s drive from Bolga. He started to buy the baskets from the makers to bring them down to Accra to sell. In 2000, he provided a gathering spot for these basketmakers."

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Name of InstitutionSherigu Atie-Taaba Women’s Association

Phone(233) 244 58507



Type of ActivitySupport Institution

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