Is a Bent Penis Normal? This is the Explanation

A bent penis often worries men because of the fear that it could affect their sexual performance. In fact, some men’s penises will bend, especially when they are erect. So, is a curved penis a normal thing, or not? You can visit to get the best Peyronie treatment.

In general, a curved penis is normal and not dangerous. However, bending the penis can cause pain and make it difficult for you to penetrate during sexual intercourse. If that’s the case, you likely have Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease (Peyronie’s disease) is a condition when the lining of the penis contains scar tissue (plaque). Peyronie diseases cause the penis to become curved when erect, in a bent direction according to the location of the plaque. However, experts suspect this has something to do with repeated injuries to the penis, whether it is due to sex, sports, or accidents. This is followed by a stable phase, in which the pain may disappear and the penis appears curved.

In addition to a curved penis, Peyronie’s sufferers will usually experience other symptoms such as:

Erectile dysfunction
Shrinked penis (penile atrophy)
The penis hurts when it is not erect

This penile disease can affect men at any age. However, men aged 40 years are the most vulnerable group. In mild cases, this condition does not require any treatment as it can heal on its own.
However, you need medical attention if the curvature of the penis does not go away and it gets worse. Medical treatment includes administering drugs to help destroy scar tissue to surgery.

In addition, a crooked penis can also be caused by wearing underwear. Usually, the penis will curve to the side where you would put it when you wear your underwear. So, there is a possibility that your curved penis is only caused by the factors above so there is no need to worry.

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