How to Prevent Tinnitus that Must Be Understood

The ear is one of the important organs in the human body. If you experience interference, it must cause uncomfortable conditions. One of the disorders that may occur in the ear is tinnitus, which is the occurrence of a sound like buzzing in the ear, you can overome it on tinnitus miracle. This condition is not a disease, but a symptom that indicates an event. For example, such as disorders of the body’s circulatory system, ear injuries, and decreased hearing function that occurs due to advancing age. Although susceptible to someone over 65 years of age, this condition can happen to everyone.

Tinnitus can be characterized by a buzzing or hissing sound in the ear. This can occur in one or both ears of the person. Most of the sounds that appear in the ear with tinnitus can only be heard by the person. Although some cases can be heard by the doctor when examining the condition of the sufferer. Even so, if you already feel this disorder, you can only reduce the annoying symptoms. So that it doesn’t happen to your ears, know how to prevent your ears from experiencing tinnitus. The trick is:

Avoid Loud Sounds
Exposure to sounds that are too loud can cause hearing loss as well as other problems. When your ears buzz after hearing a sound that’s too loud, it’s possible that the buzzing will go away on its own after a few days. Sounds that are less than 75 dB should not cause ear problems. However, if it is more than 85 dB it can make a person deaf and other problems. Therefore, always adjust the volume when listening to music or calling.

Caused by consumption of drugs, smoking, or alcohol
Some drugs can cause tinnitus side effects, such as pain relievers. In addition, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages can make tinnitus worse. Medicines that can cause damage to the ear and cause tinnitus to develop include antibiotics, cancer drugs, diuretics, anti-depressants, and high doses of aspirin. Therefore, limit these things to avoid tinnitus.

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