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Name of your own institution, firm, or your current employer.


You can link your profile to an organization by selecting one in the proposed list. Your choice should highlight an organization you have current or regular contractual relationships with (e.g. employer, client, supplier, contractor, partner), and will be validated by the moderator of this organization. Organization and Name of Institution can be the same.

If the organization you are looking for does not appear in this list, simply add it in the database after your personal profile has been created, by clicking on “Want to propose a contribution” (then select “Organizations”). Once the organization is published, update your profile and select this organization: your name will appear in the list of its contacts.

IMPORTANT: If your profile is the first one to be linked to a registered organization, you will be considered as the main contact for this organization, and be granted permission for updating its data, as well as validating requests from Members for being linked to it (moderation).

! The moderator of an organization is considered to have received the authorization from it prior his moderator status is activated.

! Don’t hesitate to detail your relationships with the selected organization in the field Description of your profile if needed.

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