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Date : 2011-01-13 10:26:12

Description- Abrasion The technique of grinding shallow decoration with a wheel or some other device. The decorated areas are left unpolished. - Acanthus (1) A group of Mediterranean, Asian, and African plants with large, spiny leaves; hence (2) ornament that resembles the leaves of the species Acanthus spinosus. - Acid etching The process of etching the surface of glass with hydrofluoric acid. Acid-etched decoration is produced by covering the glass with an acid-resistant substance such as wax, through which the design is scratched. The object is then immersed in hydrofluoric acid, or a mixture of dilute hydrofluoric acid and potassium fluoride is applied to etch the exposed areas of glass. Acid etching was first developed on a commercial scale by Richardson’s of Stourbridge, England, which registered a patent in 1857. An effect superficially similar to weathering can be obtained by exposing glass to fumes of hydrofluoric acid to make an allover matte surface. etc. Source: Glass: A Pocket Dictionary of Terms Commonly Used to Describe Glass and Glassmaking, Revised Edition

Name of InstitutionThe Corning Museum of Glass

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