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Cultural Shifts, ISPA’s 26th June Congress in Seoul, Korea

Date : 06/11/2012 - 06/16/2012

Street Address630 9th Avenue, Suite 213

CityNew York, NY 10036-4752

CountryUnited States of America

DescriptionThe world is entering the age of soft power and cultural diplomacy. The time in which hard power prevailed – when the competitive edge of a country and a city was proportional to their economic clout and military might – has passed. Now a region’s competitiveness depends on how much cultural, traditional, sensible and indigenous appeal it has in the global marketplace. Cultural Shifts, ISPA’s 26th June Congress in Seoul, Korea on June 11-16, 2012 guarantees to provide unique experiences filled with inspiration from the intense energy felt from Seoul’s historic artistic landmarks and from the local performing arts community’s intelligence and emotions. Seoul is the ideal setting for performing arts leaders to come together and explore these cultural shifts through examining Seoul’s and other regions’ past and present environments while preparing for the future. As an example, Hallyu (Korean Wave)’ or Korean popular performing arts, are enjoying tremendous popularity throughout Asia and spreading swiftly in Europe and America. ISPA’s 26th June Congress will examine how various socio-cultural, economic and technological changes occurring around the world are affecting the performing arts. Through a series of conversations, the delegates will attempt to understand and interpret the essence of these cultural shifts and propose the best direction and strategy for future development of the performing arts while providing an opportunity to experience Korea’s unique culture and passionate performing arts scene (...)

Name of InstitutionISPA | International Society for the Performing Arts

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