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International Training Workshop (INBAR)

Date : 09/06/2011 - 09/26/2011

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DescriptionInternational Training Workshop on Integrated Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas and Non-Timber-Forest-Products (NTFPs) Industrial and Commercial Development Objectives: Through carrying out the training workshop, to provide a platform for participating countries to share and exchange the best practices and experiences in mountain sustainable development, as well as experiences in NTFPs industrialization and commercialization. Programme: Participants will register on September 6, 2011 in Hangzhou (Capital city of Zhejiang Province, China), and departure will be on September 26, 2011, totaling 20 days. The main indoor courses will include: Part I 1) The ecological system construction in mountainous regions 2) Sustainable development of Economy in mountainous regions 3) Poverty alleviation in mountainous regions 4) Mountain forest sustainable management 5) The policy system for integrated and sustainable development in mountainous regions Part II: Mountain forest sustainable management 6) Sustainable management, industrialization and commercialization of NTFPs 7) NTFPs in China and their development, industrialization and commercialization 8) "Company + farmers" – the best model for NTFPs industrialization 9) The main experiences in the sustainable development of China's bamboo sector and the bamboo processing technologies 10) Development of intangible resources in the Forest 11) The development model of eco-tourism and leisure industry in Lin'an and Anji, Zhejiang Province – a model which lead the local farmers on the way towards wealthy 12) The cultivation and processing technologies of wild medicinal plants and edible/medicinal fungus 13) The comprehensive development of forest bio-chemical products 14) Development of wild vegetables, fruits and nuts 15) The impact of NTFPs on poverty alleviation and rural sustainable development in the forest area 16) The role of government in promoting NTFPs 17) Industrial cooperation and NGOs are the links among companies, markets and farmers

Name of InstitutionInternational Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)

Phone86-10-64706161 ext. 310



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