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Banda Village Bamboo and Handicraft Project Plan

Date : 2011-11-02 09:34:11

DescriptionKageno Worldwide Inc. (Kageno) is a federally registered 501(c)(3) organization currently administering three comprehensive community development projects in Kenya and Rwanda from its central offices in New York City, USA. Kageno’s flagship project on Rusinga Island (in Lake Victoria, Nyanza Province, Kenya) was established in 2002, and its success has helped to spark is replication on the adjacent Mfangano Island in Kenya, and at Banda Village, in Western Province, Rwanda. These are communities crippled by factors including extreme poverty, lack of education, the spread of HIV/AIDS, lack of access to safe water, rapidly deteriorating ecosystems, and genocide. To address these needs, Kageno projects have provided centralized access to income generation; education; health services; clean water; and environmental protections. (...)

Name of InstitutionBanda Village Bamboo and Handicraft Project Plan

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