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Selling Arts and Crafts at Museum Gift Shops

Date : 2011-06-16 13:06:26

DescriptionOne of the many ways to sell your arts and crafts is to market them through museum gift shops. Think back to every time you've paid a visit to a museum, I'm sure you've noticed that a gift shop is usually front and center, luring you to come in and browse after your visit. If you've ever done so, you'll find some of the items in museum gift shops are mass-produced, others are hand crafted. Here are some tips on how to place your arts and crafts in museum gifts shops, some practical information on firming up your relationship with the museum and a caveat or two sprinkled in along the way. 1. Is Your Art or Craft Suitable for a Museum Gift Shop? Before you consider this type of marketing effort, consider if your arts or crafts product will be attractive to the average museum gift shop customer. Most museum gift shop attract two different types of buyers: 1.Souvenir shoppers looking for a memento of the day or purchasing a gift for a friend or family member who didn’t make the trip. 2.Impulse buyers who see something they just can’t live without or haven’t been able to find elsewhere. ...

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