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ArtisanConnect Newsletter – June 2011

Date : 2011-06-08 10:04:46

DescriptionVietnam International Home Decor and Gift Fair 2011 Show attracts importers We are ArtisanConnect! With the support of the International Trade Centre (ITC), more than 200 local exporters with 700 booths are showcasing their latest designs in home decor items and giftware at the 2nd International Viet Nam Home Decor and Gifts Fair, LifeStyle Viet Nam 2011, which opened on 18 April in HCM City. The annual event attracted more than 1,350 importers of home décor items and gifts from 28 countries and territories .. read more Page 1 ArtisanConnect portal supports trade in crafts from developing countries, displaying an information database and facilitating exchange between people and organizations involved in the sector. The Directories (Organizations and Members) can help you finding partners and expanding your network. Latest News about ArtisanConnect  ArtisanConnect’s Team ArtisanConnect’s Facts & Figures • 71,704 unique visitors since the site has been launched (February 2010) • 2,659 Contributions to date, including more than 829 Documents, 984 Organizations, 421 Useful links, 255 Events and 101 Project descriptions • As of today, ArtisanConnect totals 829 subscribed members from 148 countries ArtisanConnect’s Functionalities Language Versions Photo Do visit both ArtisanConnect's versions if you read English and French, or use on-line translation facilities, since the sites include different resources. When updating his/her personal profile, a member can upload an image (photography, logo…). The Features of the Forum Linking Profiles to Organizations Members are able to link their personal Profile to one of the registered Organizations. A request from a member to be “linked to” should be approved by the Organization’s moderator (usually the first member to link his profile to it).  Users can receive an email for every topic they have posted in.  It adds a 'watch' button so if you want to keep an eye on a topic you can 'watch' it but you don't have to post anything to receive email notifications. Moderator of an Organization If you are the moderator of an organization, you will receive an email alert informing you that a member is requesting to be linked to it. Please visit your profile and decide whether you want to validate the request or not. Page 2 ArtisanConnect’s Focus One programme: Upgrading the Livelihood of Vietnam’s Craft Producers Despite an almost 80 percent drop in its poverty rate over the last 15 years, Vietnam continues to struggle with significant inequalities and need, particularly in rural areas where the vast majority of the country’s poor reside. handicraft production at household level, and, as a consequence, their income derived from it. Farming is often not sufficient to keep households above the national poverty line, and many farming families rely on producing handicrafts and the raw materials they require in order to survive. Now a joint UN programme funded by the MDG-F is increasing income and employment opportunities for growers and collectors of raw materials and producers of handicrafts. The initiative targets 4,800 households in the north of the country, including 1,400 families from disadvantaged ethnic minorities such as the Thai, Muong and H’mong. About 40% of these households live below the poverty line of 200,000 VND per capita/month (about 0.35 US$/day). The UN programme’s approach is to develop better integrated, environmentally sustainable activities in five craft sectors: bamboo and rattan, sericulture and weaving, sea grass, lacquerware and handmade paper. Under the programme, farming households are receiving support to increase their yield from the (re)planting, cultivation and harvesting of raw materials, whilst craft producing families receive support to enhance productivity through technical skills training. Due attention is given to creating safer and more comfortable working conditions, basic business skills, and making more efficient use of raw materials. The programme also creates linkages with some 50 companies in the provinces and Hanoi, and assist these to clean up production, strengthen their entrepreneurial behaviour, find new buyers, improve working conditions and compliance with labour and trade standards, and developing new sustainable product designs. Increased sales by companies increase the demand for Duong Thi Thanh Thuy, director of Lacquerworld, in the showroom of her store. ITC in collaboration with other UN agencies is assisting Vietnamese craft business owners to become more competitive, and reducing poverty among rural craft producers. Duong Thi Thanh Thuy, whose company, Lacquerware, is one of 50 businesses participating in the programme, said the programme supports her company to improve the livelihoods of the poor rural households that tap lacquer trees to produce the lacquerware items she sells. “Firstly, they have more income for their life in addition to farming alone,” she said. “Secondly, the art of lacquer production and the unique culture of Vietnam’s traditional villages is introduced to the world through companies like ours.” Lacquerworld sources natural lacquer resin from Phu Tho province, one of the UN programme’s target areas. Lacquer resin (or liquid) is harvested by tapping the lacquer trees, and is then used to coat the inner layers of the company’s colourful lacquerware. Some 300 farmers in Phu Tho receive support under the programme to plant, cultivate and harvest better and more productive lacquer trees. Ms. Thuy recently took part in a workshop held by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), one of the programme partners, to help entrepreneurs put ideas into action, grow their businesses and become more competitive. “This course helps to improve a lot of behaviors, including systems planning and monitoring, and taking Page 3 calculated risks. Now I know how to make plans with a clear timeframe and how to anticipate and avoid risk in the future,” she said. Supported by the International Trade Centre (ITC), a team of foreign designers is helping companies such as Lacquerworld create new high-end sustainable product collections and linking them to more profitable markets, including through trade fair participation. In this regard, the programme helped companies to prepare for April’s “Lifestyle Vietnam”, one of the largest home decor and gifts fairs in Southeast Asia, by teaching business owners how best to display products, deal with customers and ensure proper followup to turn promising leads into actual business. Vietnam has a long tradition of handmade crafts, and promoting a rapidly growing handicraft industry is part of the government’s plan to foster economic development and reduce unemployment across the country. The joint UN programme, “Green Production and Trade to Increase Income and Employment Opportunities for the Rural Poor,” aims to develop Vietnam’s private sector and contribute to the Millennium Development Goals of reducing poverty and hunger and promoting environmental sustainability. The programme also contributes to gender equality, as it disproportionally benefits women who are traditionally more engaged with craft production at the household and company level. The joint programme is a collaboration between the Vietnamese government and five United Nations agencies coordinated by the ITC. Cluster agencies are include International Trade Centre, U.N. Industrial Development Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Labour Organization and UNCTAD. Source: Green Production and Trade Thanks to Mr. Koen Oosterom (An ITC senior technical advisor and MDG-F programme coordinator) Selection of the Latest Documents Baseline Value Chain Survey Handicraft Producers Reinventing the Handicrafts Industry of Yemen Ethnic Minorities and Crafts Project This baseline survey studies the current situation and capability of handicraft production and trade, acting as input for in-depth study and work-plan. This survey focuses on productivity, environment and labour aspects of craft production in order to establish the baseline situation … more added on 30 May 2011 To market Yemen’s traditional handicrafts to the world, this project focuses on how to develop production of handicrafts in order to have good quality products with beautiful finishing and elegant packaging .. more added on 30 May 2011 Ethnic minorities may be empowered by supporting and encouraging their traditional knowhow. BATIK International has targeted women from the Vietamese Mông minority who live in the mountainous province of Hà Giang and who are particularly vulnerable due to extreme poverty .. more added on 30 May 2011 Selection of the Upcoming Events 2011 American Craft Retailers Expo (ACRE) 04/06/11 – 06/06/11, Las Vegas, USA Art 42 Basel 15/06/11 – 19/06/11, Basel, Switzerland Original Creative FestivalCincinnati 23/06/11 – 25/06/11, Sharonville, USA This event offers an opportunity to all artists, designers and craftsmen, showcasing the latest trends and innovations of the industry. More The international art show features about 300 leading art galleries from 30 countries on all continents. Art Basel is the world's largest modern and contemporary art fair. More This event provides an opportunity to home sewers, embroidery enthusiasts, quilters and crafters of all ages and skill levels. More Page 4 Reed Gift Fair 02/07/11 – Australia 05/07/11, Brisbane, Now an established event the Brisbane fair is the largest and most important trade event for the Queensland (Australia) market. A cost effective way to meet and do business with retailer buyers from Brisbane and all over Queensland and to kick-start sales at the start of the new financial year. More Latest Discussions Questions have recently been posted by members. Do not hesitate to help them find the answers! Does 'handicraft' have a role to play in sustainable development? What do you think? There have been additional RECENT CONTRIBUTIONS in the categorie(s): Projects, Organizations and Useful Links. Making ArtisanConnect an active, rich and friendly site requires only 5 minutes of your time to contribute the latest information on crafts you have in mind, exchange with other members in the forum, Facebook, or send a message to a friend or a colleague to show him this site ! Thank you! ArtisanConnect’s Team ITC is a UN agency improving small business export success in developing countries by providing, with partners, sustainable and inclusive trade development solutions to exporters, trade support institutions and policymakers – CBI contributes to sustainable economic development in developing countries through the expansion of exports from these countries – This initiative has received seed funding from the Centre of the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) and this initiative is supported by the International Trade Centre, with initial funding from CBI. ITC has developed the ArtisanConnect portal and is its moderator. (To unsubscribe to this Newsletter, you should update your Profile if you are a Member, If you are not registered send an email to the moderator.) Page 5

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