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Reinventing the handicrafts industry of Yemen

Date : 2011-05-30 10:42:46

DescriptionFekri Al-Muafa was almost flying with joy as he skidded through the tiled floor of the Small and Micro Enterprise Service Agency. “They want 100,000 piece of incense sticks! A Swiss company wants to buy Yemeni incense at an order worth USD 18,000,” he blurted out as he ran spreading the news in the office. Al-Muafa is not really getting any money from this deal as he is only the project officer for Handicrafts Export Production Program at SMEPS. The real beneficiaries of this deal are around 25 women from Aden and Lahj governorates at a rate of 2000 stick per day. Those women have been making incense as a part of a family tradition but it was not enough to make ends meet. Al-Muafa, through this project, was able to connect the craftsmen with international markets. His efforts are finally paying off and Yemen’s production industry will never see the handicrafts industry through the same eyes again. ...

Name of InstitutionReinventing the handicrafts industry of Yemen

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