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KYBELE design & handicraft project for and by Turkish women and disabled

Date : 2011-05-24 15:30:48

DescriptionIn Turkey, around twelve million unemployed women and thousands of disabled stay at home, wasting their talents. A research project of the BoğaziçiUniversity shows, that the poorest women have nearly no chances to get educated and find work. For example more than two million girls between the age of 15 and 24 years, do not go to school and ‘wait their fate’ to get married. Those young women aren’t in any way stimulated later to follow courses or attend awareness programs. All this counts also for the disabled Turkish men and women. Handwork is what women practice at home, besides their daily household obligations. The KYBELE design & handicraft project uses the results of these handicraft activities as the starting-point for its fashion products. The project creates attractive and salable fashion based on the diverse local and original Turkish handicrafts by combining it with Contemporary Art, Anatolian Historical Motives, Quality Materials, Handwork Production Techniques and Marketing. Even growing plants in gardens for the fabrics, decorations and dyes is an interesting future plan. In the KYBELE design & handicraft project, every aspect will be organized professionally and carefully, to assist the women and disabled with finding paid work, and it offers them the possibility to function independently from their social environment.

Name of InstitutionKYBELE design & handicraft project for and by Turkish women and disabled

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