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‘Bamboo mystic’ wins markets, promotes green living

Date : 2011-05-17 09:35:21

DescriptionThe 44-year-old director of the “Grass Company” in Tay Ninh Province says she can tell how old the bamboo is without seeing or touching it. “Many times, when my workers unload the bamboo at night and put them down on the front yard, I can tell how old it is and whether it is old enough for production, even though I am in my bedroom,” Giao says. Giao’s love for bamboo, if not her understanding, is shared by her husband and they are hoping to put Vietnam’s bamboo, a national motif, on the world map through high quality products. Giao said her supernatural understanding and love did not happen overnight. It took a series of big and costly failures and working with the grass for more than 11 years. Giao said she first “got to know bamboo” when a German lawyer asked her to provide his wife’s shop based in Germany with Vietnamese handicraft items. As many of the local items were made of bamboo, she gradually became attracted to it, and decided to open a company mainly producing bamboo products in 1998. ...

Name of Institution‘Bamboo mystic’ wins markets, promotes green living

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