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Handicraft sector gets a boost – Project to enhance skills of artisans (Calcutta)

Date : 2011-05-12 21:38:41

DescriptionBhubaneswar, April 28: The State Institute for Development of Arts and Crafts (SIDAC) will soon have a common facilitation centre (CFC) for handicrafts development behind Khandagiri hills. The Rs 80-lakh project will be built over an area of 10,500 sq.ft. near the upcoming tourist interpretation centre behind Khadangiri hills. The centre will have an exclusive campus to promote artisans working on stone, brass and bell metals, fibre art, appliqué, terracotta and those preparing patachitra works. The construction of the common facilitation centre for artisans has been entrusted to the Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) and it will be ready within three months. S.K. Rath, manager, SIDAC, said: “The facilitation centre is going to serve the artisans in a great way as it will have six separate areas with access to quality tool rooms so that the artisans can avail the opportunity to produce their crafts in large numbers. Apart from business development, the centre will help the artisans gain ideas on design-specific order supply. Many purchasers in the West tend to get their crafts according to specifications.” (...)

Name of InstitutionHandicraft sector gets a boost - Project to enhance skills of artisans (Calcutta)

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