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Chinese goods flood Hamedan, outsell Persian handicrafts

Date : 2011-05-12 20:34:39

DescriptionTEHRAN -- The Ganjnameh historical site near Hamedan, a major center for Persian handicrafts and earthenware, is flooded with Chinese goods. __ Walking in the old bazaars of the city once filled with different types of handicrafts, the market is now filled with shoddy, cheap ceramic imports from China. This is a bitter story of indifference by officials to producers of handicrafts, and pottery makers in Hamedan. Handicrafts deputy director of the Hamedan Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department, Tahmineh Danilai, upon visiting the Ganjnameh site expressed her concern on seeing the market filled with Chinese products. (...)

Name of InstitutionChinese goods flood Hamedan, outsell Persian handicrafts

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