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Local environment, local crafts

Date : 2011-05-11 09:17:15

DescriptionI live in Nsukka township, the central town in the Nsukka region in Enugu State, Nigeria. For more than three decades, I have watched with dismay as our environment deteriorates. I have watched waste products like plastic bags and other packaging cover our beautiful green landscape. Most of us do not even realise the harm we are doing to ourselves, because no-one challenges us as we use and throw out this rubbish in the streets. These plastics are very cheap and there is no obvious effort to either stop or control this practice of ruining the landscape with this waste. It is not just a question of spoiling the view; the plastics block the waterways, which causes heavy erosion. Water gathers and provides a breeding ground for germs and insects which spread disease – this is reflected in the very high mortality rates in this area. ...

Name of InstitutionLocal environment, local crafts

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