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Searching for Local Arts and Crafts Shows

Date : 2011-05-10 10:21:16

DescriptionHow can I find craft shows in specific geographic locations? Answer:I can totally understand the need to know the schedule of available arts and crafts shows within driving distance. Many artists and crafters enjoy and find it profitable to exhibit at shows, but would prefer to do it locally. There is sound rational in that decision if you are a new artist or crafter or are just doing it part-time. Also, sometimes it's more economical to hire trusted reps to attend craft shows outside your local driving area. Dividing the U.S. into geographic regions and hiring a rep for each area is one way to gauge the profitability of certain shows without attending them. Of course, there is always the issue that a rep can't sell your arts and crafts as well as you can, but that's a topic for another discussion. Here are my suggestions for finding arts and crafts shows in a specific geographic location: ....

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