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Viking Weaving Tools

Date : 2011-05-05 16:56:09

DescriptionDuring the Middle Ages, professional cloth making or weaving did not exist in most Scandinavian countries; weaving was a home craft and women produced cloth for clothing as it was needed. Iceland was the only Nordic country that exported large quantities of cloth to western and central Europe. The fabric, wadmal, was the main export article of the country and was woven on simple, warp-weighted looms by Icelandic women. Warp-Weighted Loom The warp-weighted looms was used for weaving in Iceland and Norway. In Iceland, this loom was used until the 18th century. Ordinary cloth, such as wadmal, a type of twill weave, was woven on this loom. In Norway, soapstone was used to weight the warp and in Iceland, lava stones were used. Soapstone weights have been found in Denmark and Sweden as well but not in the number that have been found in Norway. In other countries, loom weights made of fired clay were used. ...

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