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ArtisanConnect Newsletter – May 2011

Date : 2011-05-05 14:14:24

DescriptionArts and Crafts - Reducing, Reusing and Recycling We are ArtisanConnect! ArtisanConnect portal supports trade in crafts from developing countries, displaying an information database and facilitating exchange between people and organizations involved in the sector. The Directories (Organizations and Members) can help you finding partners and expanding your network. Latest News about ArtisanConnect  ArtisanConnect’s Team Photo from Sustainability in arts and crafts (reducing, reusing and recycling) remains a social responsibility issue as well as a good marketing tool. However, it is rare to see any type of company, not just arts and crafts, touting the fact that their raw materials and packaging materials are made from this or that percentage of post-customer (recycled) materials. Read more Page 1 ArtisanConnect’s Facts & Figures • 64,813 unique visitors since the site has been launched (February 2010) • 2,370 Contributions to date, including more than 790 Documents, 829 Organizations, 416 Useful links, 160 Events and 100 Projects • As of today, ArtisanConnect totals from 148 countries 818 subscribed members ArtisanConnect’s Functionalities Language Versions Do visit both ArtisanConnect's versions if you read English and French, or use on-line translation facilities, since the sites include different resources. Enhancements of the Forum Functionalities  Users can receive an email for every topic they have posted in.  It adds a 'watch' button so if you want to keep an eye on a topic you can 'watch' it but you don't have to post anything to receive email notifications.  A quick ‘reply box’ has been added to the bottom of the topic thread. Linking Profiles to Organizations Members are able to link their personal Profile to one of the registered Organizations. A request from a member to be “linked to” should be approved by the Organization’s moderator (usually the first member to link his profile to it). Moderator of an Organization If you are the moderator of an organization, you will receive an email alert informing you that a member is requesting to be linked to it. Please visit your profile and decide whether you want to validate the request or not. Photo When updating his/her personal profile, a member can upload an image (photography, logo…). Page 2 ArtisanConnect’s Focus Reusing and Recycling in Arts and Crafts Businesses The hallmark of eco-friendly jewelry is the reuse of raw materials, most frequently the capture and reuse of precious metal scraps. Jewelers have been doing this probably since the first piece of body adornment was made. Sterling silver and karated gold are expensive. Reusing metal scraps is easy. Jewelry benches have special collection trays built-in to capture scrap karated gold and sterling silver so reusing metal scraps is fairly easy. Starting in the last ten years, artists and crafters are emphasizing the existing sustainable aspect of their work product in response to renewed customer interest and awareness. Some eco-friendly fads have come and gone such as making fashion crafts out of old billboard materials. Others such as using recycled shipping boxes and packing material are here to stay. If any of your arts and crafts creative or business process incorporates reuse or recycling it's just good business to heavily advertise that fact. Using Sustainable Bamboo for Arts and Crafts Increasingly, bamboo is being touted as the new eco-friendly material since it has a comparatively short growing period. Most species of bamboo mature in one or two years which is a much shorter time than trees grown for commercial use. Bamboo is one of the world's most versatile plants. In addition to the familiar bamboo window blinds and furniture, bamboo flooring, clothing and bedding have become widely available during the last decade. Its use has also crossed into jewelry, kitchen crafts, luxury lingerie and expensive baby clothing manufacturing. Still, purists point out that nothing is as eco-friendly as recycling old products. After all in addition to its growing period, bamboo still needs to be transported to factories to go through what may be a very non-eco-friendly manufacturing process to turn it into consumer goods. Predicting Future Arts and Crafts Sustainability Trends There's a lot of talk about the 100 Thing Challenge simplifying life by whittling down possessions to 100 items. Homes in the USA have progressively gotten larger and larger since the 1950s. Possessions to fill the houses have increased as well. As room and closet size increase, more furniture, clothing and jewelry follow as the space to fill expands. I see new eco-friendly phase emerging for the next decade: a 100 things challenge to push the less (but better quality and more expensive) is more theory to our customers. Thus, moving towards selling for value and not price. Source: Sustainability refers to both recycling and reusing arts/crafts related materials. This is not a new concept as everyone reuses to save money. That's the whole basis for restaurant doggie bags and resale shops: recycling makes dollars and cents sense. In the business world, the concept of recycling has always been in use. Metal and woodcrafters collect and either reuse or sell scrap raw materials. Artists reuse canvasses by painting over them. Making Arts and Crafts With Organic Materials which are mostly made from cotton. Additionally, no cotton sold in the United States as organic can be the product of genetically engineered seeds. Silk is another popular organic fabric. Although what constitutes a truly organic origin for silk is up for debate. The label of organic and ethical depends on the type of silkworm used and whether it is killed as a by-product of the harvesting. Organic fabric origins can also be totally negated by processing the fabric. This includes any finishes or dyeing that is not organic in nature. For example, making the fabric wrinkle or water-resistant. Organic artists and crafters can produce colored organic fabrics by using organic dyes made from plants. It is somewhat impossible for precious metal or gemstones to come from organic processes. There are gemstones containing organic carbon, such as some diamonds or amber. However, metal and most gemstones are not living things and have never been living things. Although jewelry made from fabric or materials such as bamboo, hemp, linen and silk, could have some sort of an organic origin depending on how the raw material is produced. Source: Generally, an organic product is one made in an environmentally friendly fashion and is biodegradable. The benchmark for food products is the manufacturer uses no pesticides or harmful chemicals during the growth process. The same facts are true for organic clothing, Page 3 Selection of the Latest Documents Turkish Handicrafts Documented on New Map Traditional Turkish handicrafts, which have been practiced in Anatolia for centuries, are now documented on a map within the scope of a project by the Culture and Tourism Ministry. More added on 19/04/2011 Potential of Sustaining Handicrafts as a Tourism Product in Jordan This paper aims at exploring the reasons behind weak performance; development aspects, strengths and weaknesses were explored. More added on 02/05/2011 Photo from The Overview of Vietnamese Handicraft Industry This paper demonstrates strength and weaknesses of Vietnamese handicraft industry and tourism promotion as well as the vision of handicraft and tourism development in Vietnam. More added on 02/05/2011 Growth Prospects of Thrust Areas of Indian Export The Indian handicrafts industry provides employment to over six million artisans, which include a large number of women and people belonging to the weaker sections of the society. More added on 02/05/2011 Selection of the Upcoming Events 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2011 (ICFF) 14/05/11 – 17/05/11, New York, USA North America’s singular showcase for contemporary design, the ICFF draws the most intrepid seekers of design truth and design trends to an extraordinary exhibition of the most inspired models of design on the forefront. More Craft & Quilt Fair-Perth 18/05/11 – 22/05/11, Perth, Australia This is the perfect opportunity for the knitting, needle and creative craft enthusiast to meet manufacturers, dealers, publishers, mail order specialists and designers. More EUNIQUE – Arts & Crafts 27/05/11 – 29/05/11, Karlsruhe, Germany EUNIQUE is the international trade fair for handicrafts & gifts, home furnishings, gardening products, home decorations, home hardware & tools, storage & display, photo & picture frames, rugs, mats, kitchen & appliances, etc. More Page 4 London International Fine Art Fair 04/06/11 – 13/06/11, London, United Kingdom Formerly the Olympia Summer International Art & Antiques Fair, the newly revamped London International Fine Art Fair will be the largest and broadest in scope of any summer art and antiques event in London. More than 30,000 private buyers, curators, interior designers and devotees from around the world traditionally visit Olympia each June. More Latest Discussions Questions have recently been posted by members. Do not hesitate to help them find the answers! Sustainability in arts and crafts (reducing, reusing and recycling) can be used as a great marketing tool in the near future. What do you think? There have also been RECENT CONTRIBUTIONS in the categorie(s): Projects, Organizations and Useful Links. Making ArtisanConnect an active, rich and friendly site requires only 5 minutes of your time to contribute the latest information on crafts you have in mind, exchange with other members in the forum, Facebook, and send a message to a friend or a colleague to show him this site ! Thank you! ArtisanConnect’s Team This initiative has received financial support from the Centre of the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) – (To unsubscribe to this Newsletter, you should update your Profile if you are a Member, If you are not registered send an email to the moderator.) Page 5

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