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The Overview of Vietnamese Handicraft Industry

Date : 2011-05-02 10:56:08

Description“Strength” of Vietnamese handicraft industry and tourism promotion Handicraft industry has a lot of potential in Vietnam. Currently there are approx. 1500 handicraft villages in Vietnam, where 10 million, a third of the total regional workforce, are employed, with an annual sales of 3 billion USD, exports of 0.3 billion USD expected to exceed 0.9 billion USD in 2005. The income of handicraft-associated laborers is said to be triple or quadruple of that of farmers . The handicraft industry has increased income in rural area and contributed significantly to poverty reduction. Thus the Vietnamese government is putting much effort in the promotion of handicraft villages where tourism and handicrafts are joined. They have just started the project on handicraft development combining tourism until the year of 2010 in the sustainable way of protecting and preserving the culture. The brochure, “Vietnam’s Craft Villages”, was one example of their efforts to advocate the project.

Name of InstitutionThe Overview of Vietnamese Handicraft Industry

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