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Handicraft Export is a Big Cash Cow

Date : 2011-03-31 15:20:03

DescriptionNIGERIA is renowned for its crafts and the skills of its craftsmen for hundreds of years. Nigeria and African handicrafts are considered across the globe as the most original and unique hand-made possessions. Many countries are interested in patronizing the works of Nigerian craftsmen because Nigerian crafts convey designs which are distinctively Nigerian, reflecting our culture. Foreigners are interested in handicrafts that depict the culture of the African people. Such crafts which portray the culture of traditional societies offer a lot of attraction and appeal to foreigners, especially the developed countries who want to know more about societies through arts and handicrafts. Considering the varieties of handicrafts in Nigeria and the fact that many countries are interested in Nigerian handicrafts, interested exporters stand the chance of earning substantial income through exportation of arts and handicrafts. With the necessary modern technology at the disposal of Nigerian crafts people and adequate governments support, no country in the world can beat Nigeria in the production of saleable arts and crafts. ...

Name of InstitutionHandicraft Export is a Big Cash Cow

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