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ArtisanConnect Newsletter – April 2011

Date : 2011-03-31 12:40:06

DescriptionArtisanConnect on YouTube! We are ArtisanConnect! Have you ever visited ArtisanConnect’s YouTube? ArtisanConnect’s YouTube provides you plenty of interesting and useful video links related to worldwide handicrafts. This will help you to explore the history, the present, and the future trends of handicraft world. To support us, subscribe here! ArtisanConnect portal supports trade in crafts from developing countries, displaying an information database and facilitating exchange between people and organizations involved in the sector. The Directories (Organizations and Members) can help you finding partners and expanding your network. Latest News about ArtisanConnect  ArtisanConnect’s Team Page 1 ArtisanConnect’s Facts & Figures More than month! 6,000 Unique Visitors within a • 58,300 unique visitors since the site has been launched (February 2010) • 2,155 Contributions to date, including more than 758 Documents, 700 Organizations, 411 Useful links, 122 Events and 95 Projects • As of today, ArtisanConnect totals 800 subscribed members from 148 countries ArtisanConnect’s Functionalities Language Versions Do visit both ArtisanConnect's versions if you read English and French, or use on-line translation facilities, since they included different resources. Enhancements of the Forum Functionalities  Users can now receive an email for every topic they have posted in.  It adds a 'watch' button so if you want to keep an eye on a topic you can 'watch' it but you don't have to post anything to receive email notifications.  A quick reply box has been added to the bottom of the topic thread.  Administrators have now better control moderating posts from the control panel. over Linking Profiles to Organizations Members are able to link their personal Profile to one of the registered Organizations. A request from a member to be “linked to” should be approved by the Organization’s moderator (usually the first member to link his profile to it). Moderator of an Organization If you are the moderator of an organization, you will receive an email alert informing you that a member is requesting to be linked to it. Please visit your profile and decide whether you want to validate the request or not. Photo When updating his/her personal profile, a member can upload an image (photography, logo…). Page 2 ArtisanConnect’s Focus Ethical Jewellery and Ethical Mining There is a growing group of consumers who want transparency in the jewellery value chain. When they can trace e.g. a gold jewellery piece with diamonds down to the mine, it will give them a better insight to the origin and history of the piece. They can be sure that it is not a piece from conflict zones or from ‘dirty gold’ mines. Jewellers increasingly stress the ecofriendliness and sustainability of jewellery. This may even incite consumers to pay a bit more. Ethical jewellery is already sold for some years by the Fair Trade shops or Oxfam. This is mainly costume jewellery made for instance by HIV infected mothers, being sold at fair trade shops or online such as Because they have children, they can work flexible. They are trained by designers/experts. Most jewellery is made of organic materials or recycled materials. Ethical mining as a next step Even if there are many discussions about ethical jewellery and more transparency is provided by jewellers and even by hypermarkets such as Walmart, a next step towards the mining of precious metals or gemstones under a Fair Trade standard. New Fairtrade and Fairmined gold standards Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) launched in 2010 the first ever third party independent certification for gold, opening up market opportunities for millions of impoverished artisanal small-scale miners and their families. The new Fairtrade and Fairmined gold standards will mean that interested licensees can apply for certification of gold products such as jewellery, commemorative coins, ingots, medals, trophies and religious artefacts. An industry market survey of 96 companies across 11 countries identified consumer products such as wedding rings, dress rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets as potential products. Globally, over 100 million people who depend directly or indirectly on artisanal and small-scale gold mining are characterised by high levels of poverty and are trapped in unfair supply chains, and struggle to get a fair price for the gold they mine. The democratic organisation of miners, combined with added premium and increased access to markets, will allow miners’ organisations to improve the technology and working conditions at their mines, and to develop community projects in education, health, environmental restoration and other forms of income. This would lead to more enduring and sustainable development in mining communities. Read more Source: Thanks to Searce ( Footwear Trends for Winter 2011/2012 for the GDS Market trends In Italy the footwear market dropped during the first nine months of 2010 by 1.2%. Italian retailers experienced rather disappointing sales results (with two retailers in three posting lower sales). Fortunately, these figures were offset by a fairly good winter season with the cold weather stimulating the sale of boots and heavy items in general. This favourable season compensated the disappointing summer and closing 2010, which meant a clear plus over 2009. But what styles and brands sold most this winter in Italy? For women it was in fact boots – primarily UGG type sheepskin ones but also those with fur inserts – as well as flat ballerinas, low, English style lace-ups and high-heel trekking boots; for men it was Timberland type ankle boots, trendy sneakers and vintage style lace-ups. On the other hand was the footwear range for end-of-year festivities (such as evening sandals) did not attract the interest hoped for. Apart from specific consumer target groups, some Italian retailers stressed the importance of the fashion factor to generate sales of an emotional nature. However, it also emerged that trends take a different course from one city to another and that there are significant time differences here. An item that works in Padua, does not necessarily have the same success in the same season in Bologna or Turin. In 2010, there was a lack of the half-heel in a fashion season being dominated by very high or very low heels. For this reason many Italian retailers announced they will focus more heavily on fast fashion when preparing their orders for next season. Besides product quality and the importance of ‘Made in Italy’, retailers agreed on how fundamental it is to offer service and a warm welcome to customers at the POS. In Germany the footwear market showed an upward trend for the first time since 2007. Sales in 2010 increased by 8% compared to 2009 reaching € 7.9 billion. The largest increases were registered in November and December as a result of the early winter which boosted sales for boots. Around 85% of German footwear retailers booked good results in 2010 and optimistic for 2011 as the German economy has been more positively and German people are now more confident. Read more Source: Regine Hövelmann (GDS) and Searce ( ) Page 3 Selection of the Latest Documents Handicrafts and Novelties from Coconuts The wares and novelty items from coconut fruit residues can compete well with products made from other materials given their uniqueness and originality. More added on 25/03/2011 Constraints and Potentials of Handicraft Industry in Underdeveloped Region of Malaysia This study was targeted the entrepreneurs and workers in the silverware and batik handicraft enterprises, and also villagers who were not directly involved in these industries. More added on 30/03/2011 Photo from Tips for Running a Part Time Craft Business Let’s think about how a home craft business can supplement rather than supplant your income. More added on 25/03/2011 Photo from 2011 Indie Trend Craft By analyzing data and trends from the collective 1.3 million visitors a month to the website, this report presents the hottest indie craft trend predictions for 2011. More added on 25/03/2011 Selection of the Upcoming Events 2011 Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair 2011 19/04/11 – 24/04/11, Bangkok, Thailand This fair is for trendy gifts and lifestyle products recognized for designers and new entrepreneurs to show their latest collections. More The 13th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair 20/04/11 – 24/04/11, Jakarta, Indonesia This fair shows an enormous number of handmade and manufactured handicrafts, from traditional and modern home industry or manufacturers. More Page 4 International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes and Colorants 24/04/11 – 30/04/11, La Rochelle, France This event will last for six days, featuring lectures, posters, films, dyeing demonstrations, a market of natural dyes and pigments and products using them, two special exhibitions. More 75 ° ART – International Handicraft International Crafts 30/04/11 – 08/05/11, Firenze, Italy A shop-window of innovating ideas and projects for professionals working in this field, and for consumers, whose tastes and needs are continuously changing. More Latest Discussions Questions have recently been posted by members. Do not hesitate to help them find the answers! What is it important for arts and crafts retail business? ITC Projects on Crafts We have contributed ITC projects on crafts with the objective of reducing poverty in developing countries: Cambodia’s Silk Road to Poverty Reduction, Carrying Lao Silk Weaver’s Unique Heritage to the World and Mongolian Felt Fashion Accessories Appeal to World Market. Please have a look. There have also been RECENT CONTRIBUTIONS in the categorie(s): Projects, Organizations and Useful Links. Making ArtisanConnect an active, rich and friendly site requires only 5 minutes of your time to contribute the latest information on crafts you have in mind, exchange with other members in the forum, Facebook, and send a message to a friend or a colleague to show him this site ! Thank you! ArtisanConnect’s Team This initiative has received financial support from the Centre of the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) – (To unsubscribe to this Newsletter, you should update your Profile if you are a Member, If you are not registered send an email to the moderator.) Page 5

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