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Footwear Trends for Winter 2011/2012 for the GDS

Date : 2011-03-25 14:31:33

DescriptionMarket trends In Italy the footwear market dropped during the first nine months of 2010 by 1.2%. Italian retailers experienced rather disappointing sales results (with two retailers in three posting lower sales). Fortunately, these figures were offset by a fairly good winter season with the cold weather stimulating the sale of boots and heavy items in general. This favourable season compensated the disappointing summer and closing 2010, which meant a clear plus over 2009. .... Seasonal trends The 2011/2012 winter fashion promises to bring plenty of down-to-earth pragmatism and yet it is anything but trivial. The three lifestyle themes of GDS “Calmness”, “Wilderness” and “Charming” prove that designers have internalised the principle of “less but better”. ...,oid,9062/lang,2/ticket,g_u_e_s_t/local_lang,2/~/The_GDS_Trend_Themes.html#imagegallery_detail336677

Name of InstitutionFootwear Trends for Winter 2011/2012 for the GDS

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