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2011 Indie Trends Craft Report

Date : 2011-03-25 14:08:37

DescriptionIn January 2011, the Moderator team at Craftster, better known as the Craftster Mod Squad, put on their thinking caps (adorned with embellishments, of course!). Using anecdotal evidence from a community of 225,000 crafters, and analyzing data and trends from the collective 1.3 million visitors a month to the website, the Craftster Mod Squad unearthed the hottest indie craft trend predictions for 2011. If you want to know nifty factoids like where crafters love to dwell online, and what handmade gifts will be high in supply in 2011... read on! ...

Name of Institution2011 Indie Trends Craft Report

Author(s) NameGiulia Macola

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