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Crafting Peace with Boumi

Date : 2011-03-03 12:58:15

DescriptionDutch designers travelled to Kabul, Afghanistan to work together with local craftspeople on a series of designs for the Crafting Peace Label project. Aiming to create worldwide compassion by co-creating products with people from less-fortunate areas of the world (such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Cambodia, Nigeria and Colombia), Crafting Peace Label is an initiative of social co-design studio Butterfly Works and Studio Duizendschoon. The label is made up of two symbiotic elements; the Crafting Peace Lab which collects experiments, ideas and global talent and joins them in craft, and the resulting Crafting Peace Products which will be sold commercially, generating money to further develop the Lab. (...) A weblog about the trip to Afghanistan can be read here:

Name of InstitutionCrafting Peace with Boumi

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