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Project E-Business for Cr@fts: Handbook of Good Practices

Date : 2011-02-25 17:21:54

DescriptionOne of the most important elements of innovation in the modern economy is that brought about by information and communications technologies (ICT). The use of ICT and e-business techniques is the principal gateway for SMEs to take greater advantage of opportunities in global markets. Compared to large companies, many SMEs are still lagging in using the Internet as an efficient business tool. In order to stimulate of usage of the e-business in SMEs, European commission has developed a wide range of policies and instruments and has launched many different actions, initiatives and financial support based on them. One of the Commission initiatives for achieving better coordination among e-business policies is eBSN (European e-business support for SMEs), a virtual network of decision-makers and public policy experts. E-business for crafts is a project financed by the European Commission – DG Enterprise, under the call for proposals Reinforcing synergies between public policies in support of e-business for SMEs. It’s aim is to exchange best practices and develop better policy between e-business regional authorities and craft organizations in order to promote the use of e-business among micro enterprises and craftsmen, to identify publicly supported policy making initiatives, public private partnerships and SME organisation services for further promotion of e-business among micro enterprises and craftsmen and to raise the SMEs’ awareness of existing local and regional e-business support services. Based on the Inventory of public funded e-business initiatives, each project partner has selected two good practice initiatives from their region: one public fi nanced initiative and one private initiative, provided by SMEs associations. All 14 presented good practices provide financial or information support to craftsmen and SMEs that would like to integrate e-business into to the business processes and thus enhance their competitiveness and raising its productivity.

Name of InstitutionProject E-Business for Cr@fts: Handbook of Good Practices

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