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Identifying and Utilizing Trends in the Marketplace

Date : 2011-02-09 16:57:13

DescriptionIn this forum, we are going to discuss what a trend is and how it works, how we can spot trends, how we can find and use trend reporting, and how companies can respond to trends in an efficient and effective way. “Trend” is one of the most frustrating words for an artisan or product developer to hear – especially for those of you who are removed from your target market not only by distance, but culture, language, and tradition. We so often hear “The new trend is…,” “The new trend colors are….” And we have no real idea how, or if, this applies to our business. But trends are important in our product development and our marketing plans. How we use them and how we respond to them shows our customers how well we understand our target audience. ...

Name of InstitutionIdentifying and Utilizing Trends in the Marketplace

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