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Color Trends of 2011

Date : 2011-02-09 16:51:26

DescriptionHere is a peek at what we will be seeing! [pic] SPRING COLORS 10 Pantone Colors for Spring 2011 [pic] [pic] HONEYSUCKLE PANTONE 18-2120 [pic] REGATTA PANTONE 18-4039 [pic] CORAL ROSE PANTONE 16-1349 [pic] BEESWAX PANTONE 14-0941 [pic] PEAPOD PANTONE 14-6324 [pic] BLUE CURACAO PANTONE 15-4825 [pic] RUSSET PANTONE 18-1235 [pic] SILVER PEONY PANTONE 12-1206 [pic] LAVENDER PANTONE 15-3817 [pic] SILVER CLOUD PANTONE

Name of InstitutionColor Trends of 2011

Author(s) NameGiulia Macola

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