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New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979)

Date : 2011-01-13 11:10:44

DescriptionThis exhibition is about a profound change that is taking place in the history of glass: after thirty-five centuries of utilitarian use—from containers and window panes to television tubes and laser-transmitting fibers—glass has become the amorphous substance from which functionless art is made. Suddenly, and in addition to its evolving roles in science, industry, housewares, and the crafts, glass has become a medium of the fine arts, a material in which to conceive and create—often directly—for purely aesthetic purposes. Thomas S. Buechner, New Glass: A Worldwide Survey, p. 8. The first major traveling survey of international contemporary studio glass to be held in the United States, New Glass: A Worldwide Survey signaled an important shift in glassmaking—from commercial design to studio craft. The exhibition had a significant impact on contemporary glass, and its future development, by validating what was still a young artistic movement. (...) ___________ Influential studio glass artists (and educators) whose work appeared in New Glass included: * Howard Ben Tré (United States) * Zoltan Bohus (Hungary) * Dale Chihuly (United States) * Dan Dailey (United States) * Erwin Eisch (Germany) * Ray Flavell (United Kingdom) * Henry Halem (United States) * Jiří Harcuba (Czechoslovakia) * Pavel Hlava (Czechoslovakia) * Marian Karel (Czechoslovakia) * Robert Kehlmann (United States) * Günter Knye (German Democratic Republic) * Dominick Labino (United States) * Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová (Czechoslovakia) * Marvin Lipofsky (United States) * Harvey Littleton (United States) * Finn Lynggaard (Denmark) * Paul Marioni (United States) * Richard Marquis (United States) * Klaus Moje (Federal Republic of Germany) * Benjamin Moore (United States) * Joel Philip Myers (United States) * Tom Patti (United States) * Mark Peiser (United States) * Narcissus Quagliata (United States) * Albin Schaedel (German Democratic Republic) * Hans Gottfried von Stockhausen (Federal Republic of Germany) * Bertil Vallien (Sweden) * František Vízner (Czechoslovakia) * Ann Wärff (Sweden) (Catalog of a traveling exhibition of international contemporary studio glass and glass design, organized in 1979 by The Corning Museum of Glass.)

Name of InstitutionNew Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979)

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