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Funding Resources for Artisans Worldwide

Date : 2010-12-30 15:39:39

DescriptionSearching for your first grant or finding new sources of funding for an established project can be an overwhelming task. With unfamiliar terms, countless fund sources, and more groups competing to access the same funds, it can be difficult to decide where and how to secure the money you need to help your project or business grow. In order to successfully find funds, careful planning is needed. Success also depends on whether or not you approach the appropriate sources of funds. Luckily, there are resources and guidelines that will help to show you who to ask for money, how to ask, and what you should expect along the way. This guide is geared to help artisans and crafts groups around the world understand the various types of funding available to them, such as micro-credit, loans, grants, or corporate donations. It will also help you identify and approach suitable sources of funding for a specific project or business. This guide is a tool– it is neither an exhaustive list of funding sources nor a complete index of the abundant resources available to assist groups like yours. Intended as a helpful introduction, this guide will define funding terms and get you started in locating organizations that will support your funding needs. Since 1986, the Crafts Center at CHF International has provided thousands of artisans with lists and referrals to make connections with buyers, funders, consultants and other resources. We seek to provide the best information in the most comprehensive manner. Each guide in our series contains a current list of certain market or product sectors from the Crafts Center database with an explanation of common terms, parties involved, tricks of the trade, and advice on how to get started. We welcome your suggestions (including additions, deletions and other corrections) to make future editions of this guide an even more valuable resource to our network. This guide series will include: Guide to Major U.S. Retailers, Guide to U.S. Wholesalers and Importers, Guide to U.S. Specialty Stores by Region, Guide to Producers by Region, Guide to Producers by Media and Guide to Funding Sources.

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