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Crafts News – Volume 18 | Issue 70

Date : 2010-12-30 15:25:37

DescriptionCrafts News offers the latest information on long-term trends that affect your business, as well as how-to articles, profiles of members like you, and updates on industry events. It is the only newsletter tailored to offer technical advice that assists artisans in developing countries. In this Issue: * The Case for Utilitarian Products During an Economic Downturn * Cost Cutting * Friends of Women in Ghana * The ReCandle Story Regular Features: * Letter from the Editor * Member Profile: Online Marketing * CHF Success: Crafts Center Supports Artisans from Haiti at Santa Fe Folk Art Market * Artisan as Entrepreneur Training Modules Updated! * Events

Name of InstitutionCrafts News - Volume 18 | Issue 70

Author(s) NameKristen Patin

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