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Recollections of Abuja 1961-62 (The Michael Cardew Centenary Symposium)

Date : 2010-12-08 15:33:13

DescriptionThe Michael Cardew Centenary Symposium University of Wales, Aberstwyth, UK 27-28 June 2001 (Conference Papers & Reports) Preparing this talk and seeking out material that may be useful to Liz Moloney has taken me back to the time when my life was changed and its future pattern was established. Living and working with Michael Cardew was an extraordinary education. Everyone who met him will recall his wonderful conversation and breadth of knowledge. Meals were frequently like symposiums as we discussed - or mostly I listened enthralled - to ideas on pottery, books, ceramic research, philosophy, history and memories of his earlier life. Sadly I did not, like Boswell, record these conversations in detail - never thinking at the time how valuable such recollections would be. However, I did keep a reasonably complete diary and have been able to find most of my letters home. Re-reading these after forty years has transported me back to a wonderful period. While in Northern Nigeria I took quite a lot of photographs - some of which were useful to Michael when he became a travelling lecturer and guru. Mainly I concentrated on the native/indigenous pots and potteries - taking things like the town of Abuja, our living accommodation, the countryside and people for granted (sadly the exotic so quickly becomes the everyday). If there is time I'd like to show you some of the slides at the end of my talk.

Name of InstitutionRecollections of Abuja 1961-62 (The Michael Cardew Centenary Symposium)

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