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The Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem: Three Generations 1919-2003

Date : 2010-12-08 15:23:18

DescriptionReview by Bronwyn Williams Ellis: The Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem is exclusively focussed on and carries the flag for this group or school of Armenian ceramists whose work the author feels should be seen as an entity. She describes the social, artistic, practical adaptations and survival of the group chronologically: its leaving the ceramic centre of Kutahya in Turkish Anatolia in 1919 (at the 'Arts and Crafts ' inspired request of the British Mandatory government in Jerusalem) and arrival in Jerusalem where there was no current tradition of tile making, to work on a project to restore the Dome of the Rock (later cancelled) and on to the present through the work of its leading artists and their workshops.

Name of InstitutionThe Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem: Three Generations 1919-2003

Author(s) NameKristen Patin

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