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Dialogues with Tradition in the Ceramics of Eytan Gross

Date : 2010-12-08 14:52:40

DescriptionFrom the very beginnings of Israeli ceramics the presence of the local Palestinian water jar has been significant and played a prominent role as object and image. The water jar served as sign and symbol of the human figure and as an intuitive code for specific characteristics of Palestine-Israel, such as its lack of water, its desert, and the dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis. In this context I shall discuss the multi-spout jar, a very rare Palestinian form, which has served as a source of inspiration for the creation of specific multi-spouted vessels by the ceramic artist Eytan Gross. Both the Palestinian multi-spout jars and those of Gross are exceptional items within the local traditional ceramics and within contemporary artistic ceramics, and have been turned by Gross into meaningful contemporary symbolic objects. Key words: multi-spout jar; water jar; Eytan Gross; Israeli ceramics; Palestinian ceramics Download Word document:

Name of InstitutionDialogues with Tradition in the Ceramics of Eytan Gross

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