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An Angolan Heritage: the Ceramics of Helga Gamboa

Date : 2010-12-08 14:49:17

DescriptionHelga Gamboa is a ceramic artist of Angolan origin now mainly based in the UK. She is currently studying for a PhD. Inspired by her country of birth her ceramics explore issues of post-colonial identity using hand-building techniques characteristic of African pottery combined with transfer-printed tin glaze associated with Portuguese ceramics. The images, however, are drawn from contemporary culture such as newspaper photographs of the effects of war and civil strife. Complementary to her art practice, her PhD research is a longitudinal study of Kwanyama ceramics based on contemporary production in comparison with the 1930s using detailed records made by Diane and Antoinette Powell-Cotton. This article is based on her presentation at the ‘Traditional Women Potters: Old Forms and New Markets’ symposium in Aberystwyth in July 2008. Key words: Post-colonial identity, Angola, Powell-Cotton, Kwanyama Download Word document:

Name of InstitutionAn Angolan Heritage: the Ceramics of Helga Gamboa

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