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Exploring the dynamics of African pottery cultures

Date : 2010-11-29 12:35:16

DescriptionThis chapter is about ‘pottery cultures’ – not just ‘pottery’, ‘pottery techniques’, or ‘potters’; but pottery cultures. It considers the complex aggregation of interrelated elements underlying potting practice, such as individuals – as both social and embodied persons – environment, physical forces, materials, tools, representations, skills, knowledge, social and economic relationships and so forth. It also concerns ‘dynamics’; the spatial and temporal evolution of the elements constituting pottery cultures, and their interrelations. Departing from previous approaches,1 I focus on the transformation of potting practice in relationship with social processes rather than seeking static relationships with various kinds of social boundaries.

Name of InstitutionExploring the dynamics of African pottery cultures

Author(s) NameKristen Patin

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