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Thoughts and adjustments in the potter’s backyard

Date : 2010-11-29 12:32:47

DescriptionThis paper explores the dynamics of modern pottery traditions in southern Niger through the analysis of three steps of the chaîne opératoire: clay selection, clay processing, and shaping. Although technical knowledge is essentially transmitted between kin, and more specifically from parents to offspring, pottery traditions are far from being governed by mere inheritance. They are in fact strongly influenced by the context within which knowledge is put into practice and thus liable to be deeply and constantly readjusted by practitioners. I will show that the geographical space within which potters carry out their main activities and develop social interactions is dependant upon the dynamics of pottery tradition in both channelling the spatial diffusion of knowledge and influencing the symbolic meaning of technical practices.

Name of InstitutionThoughts and adjustments in the potter’s backyard

Author(s) NameKristen Patin

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