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Investigating and classifying visual references used in product design

Date : 2010-11-29 11:43:11

DescriptionBecause of improvements in technology and changes in the social environment, the role of product design is not just to provide the client/user with a functional product. It is important that the designer provides a new value for existing products. Sources of inspiration play an important role in the design process, both in defining the context for designs and in informing the creation of individual design [1]. The initial study of this research is to truly understand the role visual references currently play within the design process. Therefore, the research presented in this paper seeks to advance our understanding of how visual material can facilitate design. Firstly, it will focus on how designers use visual material within the design process, especially in order to know what sort of visual material it is. Next it will attempt to explain how the designers interpret visual material in order to understand what sort of thought process they have when they describe visual references. A series of interviews and a workshop carried out as part of this research have identified that product images form the majority of visual references used by designers as they provide more context than others images. The research also suggests the initial image context should be divided into tangible and conceptual subjects. Visual material is also used as a communication tool with others designers and clients. The aim of this study is to develop a classification of image types and reference keywords to construct an electronic image database for professional use in product design. Key words: Product design, Visual language, Visual references, Classification

Name of InstitutionInvestigating and classifying visual references used in product design

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