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Design Education for Handicraft Co-operatives

Date : 2010-11-19 10:29:29

DescriptionThe basic idea of our research derived from the fact that during the last years, many Greek handicraft cooperatives have produced poor design results. Different factors contribute to success or failure, but they can be traced back, mainly, to the craftsmen’s designing ability or inability of innovative design approaches. Craft producers and designers are gradually forced to bring more and more quality and innovation to their products if they wish to be competitive. Change in consumer habits, advances in technology, economic imperatives and cultural developments have brought about dramatic transformations in the organization of craft design, its methods and output. The ability to generate innovation via craft design education can be important richness for European regions, participating in processes that develop the values of local cultural identities and heritages.

Name of InstitutionDesign Education for Handicraft Co-operatives

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